SW3000 T

  • simple and efficient 2 wings gate opener  with telescopic actuators
  • Recommended for 1 wing gate wing of not over 2,2m length/200kg each leaf.
  • The gate must be well balanced and can open towards inside or outside the property.
  • Electromechanical actuators: no need of any electric lock: the motor keep the gate closed emergency manual release system Safe and reliable.
  • In case of obstacle detection it stop pushing in compliance with EU safety norms.


  • excellent value for money
  • for 2-leaf swing gates up to 2.6m max 250 kg per leaf
  • compatible with both inward and outward opening gate
  • outside electromechanical telescopic actuators 12V cc stroke 400 mm
  • control unit with a good range of adjustments available
  • functions: pedestrian access, compatible with electronic lock and courtesy light
  • DUCO SAFE: the anti-pressure obstacle safety system complies with EU standards
  • ECOLOGICAL: energy saving. absorption in stand-by: only 0.012 A
This is a staging enviroment