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Bluescripts Home Automation  is a renewable energy company in Nigeria, providing clean, affordable and uninterrupted smart energy solutions. Over the years, we have built our reputation by providing quality alternative energy solutions to the Nigerian community with exceptional client satisfaction. For staying at the leading edge of technological progress, Bluescripts Home Automation  closely collaborates with foreign partners in Italy, Germany, China, India and Singapore..


Nigeria’s erratic power supply is a well documented topic; this has led its citizens towards other power sources. This is where we come in as an independent distribution and services company for renewable energy solutions. At Bluescripts, we product to help generate 24 hours electricity to homes and businesses across Nigeria.

In summary, we Reduce your electricity bills by utilizing our Energy efficient Products, increase your public electricity availability using our on-demand Energy Storage and Inverter System, increase your public electricity reliability using our Stabilizer products, assist clients generate their energy using our Sustainable Solar Energy Source.

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A brand recognized worldwide as a synonym for Italian innovation and excellence. The same values ​​that have made great the historic DUCATI of Borgo Panigale are pursued every day within our company.

Inspired by such a virtuous example, we are constantly engaged in expressing our ideas, creating and developing unique, essential and reliable products.


Essential designing unparalleled effective mechanics. By choosing a DUCATI opener, you choose product designed, conceived, developed and produced in Italy.

Each mechanical component is manufactured within our plant, with a guarantee of cost containment and highest quality control.

Having a direct and immediate dialogue with the manufacturer guarantees immediate skill in a direct PRODUCER-CUSTOMER dialogue that is otherwise filtered by frequently useless and expensive intermediaries.


You must  rely on your door or gate to open quickly and safely every time you need.
Automation system must guarantee continuous and reliable operation lasting very long time. With over 1 million gate  6 garage door openers installed worldwide, and a centralized customer care center that follows our customers from all over the world, we not only have the confidence, but also the proof  that DUCATI’s openers  ensure unparalleled reliability and longevity.

Our customers are our best witnesses.


Essential Mechanics is for us a guideline on which every project is based. From this derivative, mechanical efficiency and therefore the containment of energy consumption.

Precursors of what has become a worldwide ideal for the preservation of the planet, we have designed products based on energy containment since 1989.

With almost 30 years of experience in low-consumption automation, we are today  leaders in solar powered openers  that guarantee 100% energy autonomy.

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To us safety of your house and beloved are of primary concerns.

DUCATI made each of it’s product be testes, verified and certifies by independent international notify bodies as such as Intertek, Nemko and TUV.

Test reports and certificates of compliance with current EU Norms are available upon request.


We are convinced that business is made between people.

This is the reason why it is essential to emphasize courtesy, kindness and esteem in the contact with our customers. Customer shall feel comfortable by us. We want to provide best service and immediate answer to all demands.

Our goal is not simply to acquire a  sale but to have customers happy and satisfied with us and our product over the years.
Our service follows the customer for a lifetime and not just for the legal warranty time.

We are convinced that a company’s success is measured with the satisfaction of its customers.

That is why we pay attention to every need with courtesy and technical preparation, establishing with our customers a friendly dialogue.

Our technicians are reachable 7/24 and customer service is provided in many languages ( English, French,Yoruba,Igbo and Hausa ) to  respond  our international  and local customers


Internally producing 98% of the mechanical components of our products, we lifetime guarantee availability of spare parts.

Our service also offers revision or scrapping service for cases of obsolete products. In any case, we always find a simple solution for any need.