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What Is The Best Remote Control Gate?

What Is The Best Remote Control Gate?

Most Automatic gate opener used for integrated security access control are of the slide variety. They work on an electric motor either AC or DC which turn through an oil cooled reduction gearbox giving power to the drive cog which drives the gate on a steel rack.

The power of the automatic gate opener is determined by the RPM and reduction ratio of the gear box.

Swing gate opener work on the same RPM and gear ratio idea, but most work on a ring gear formula as opposed to a oil reduction box.

The gear turns onto a drive shaft which then pulls an arm attached to the gate via a universal joint.

The piston system is also popular with swing gate but are slower. These work on a worm gear. I highly recommend Ducati Automatic Gate Opener.

So how does the Remote Control Gate Opener itself work?

In a similar fashion; when the right code or other credential is entered into the access panel at the gate, the panel will communicate with the server, verifies the credentials, and then sends an electronic signal to the door operator and control panel.

The control panel is usually connected to the door by one of two ways; a swinging arm opener, which pulls or pushes the gate open in the right direction, holds it open for an appropriate amount of time, and then pushes or pulls it shut again; or a sliding gate opener, which uses a motorized gear to move the door open to one side on a track, by connecting with a “gear rack” mounted on the gate that allows it to open.

To prevent accidents and injuries from occurring when the motorized gate accidentally closes on objects, cars or even people, most gate opener systems also come with safety sensors and mechanisms that can detect objects in it’s path or, in advanced cases, when resistance is detected as the doors are closing. It’s just like your garage door opener at home; the door will automatically reverse and open itself to prevent an accident.


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