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Automatic gate opener power with sun

Solar Power Automatic gate opener

Sun is the source of all energies and offer you  lifetime free opening and closing of your door

Conquer energy independence for life with Ducati gate opener powered by PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR PANEL

No problem is power is not available: 

  • Get on and off your property even when the power’s out with integrated Battery Backup feature and ultra-efficient Power Management System
  • Delivers the performance you need, when you need it with an ultra-reliable  Ducati Solar Power System
  • Ducati’s DUCOSOL technology, makes our solar sustained gate & garage door systems as reliable as a hardwired system even by cloudy winter weather
  • Unmatched performance and reliability in rural areas where powered isn’t readily available
  • The use of low consumption photocells #7120 does not compromise the system’s autonomy.

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