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Remote Control Gate In Nigeria-Ducati Gate


Remote Control Gate In Nigeria-Ducati Gate

Automatic gates come with different uses. Basically they are used for decorative and security of apartments.They add value to homes,also restrict inflow into apartment. They are generally security gadget needed in every home

Solar gate is a very easy way to measure safety to home or business apartment. From research conducted by Bluescripts,solar gates are not all that common in Nigeria but they are gaining recognition since 2016.

Solar gate show status and financial level of the homeowner. It take power from the sun, is converted to electricity charge to control opening and closing of gate. Choosing solar powered gate openers means a big saving on electricity bill on monthly basis while those that use electricity based gate openers are liable to face operational cost.

In Nigeria for example, installing solar gate opener means that the owner is saving a big time on electricity bill and on gateman.The user need not to worry on stability of availability of electricity if  solar gate opener is considered.

Automatic gate opener from Ducati comes with a free solar panels, battery, remote control, installation manual etc. Ducati manufacture their opener in such a way to meet with domestic and business use of their customers.

Their openers come in two types:

<i>Swing Opener


However, each of this opener come in different types as well and they are:

Swing Gate Opener

  1. One leaf opener
  2. Underground one leaf opener
  3. Double wing OPENER

Sliding Gate Opener

(a)  400kg Sliding Gate Opener

(b)  800kg Gate Opener and above

In Nigeria for example, majority of homeowner that use automatic gate prefer to use sliding gate because of reason known to them and installer.

With the latest technology and awareness trend, this products will soon cut across Africa and Nigeria with time.Efforts and awareness are ongoing by Bluescripts Home Automation ensure that customers can spread payment for the opener for 4-5months with terms and conditions.

Apparently, there are other moves to work with local fabricators to promote this safety and aesthetic products to all and sundry.With time, we will surely achieve this.

With the present support during pandemic, Ducati home ,Italy has given approval to Bluescripts to train more graduate on installation and also equip them technical know how that will be needed by graduates to market these products to their immediate environment.

There are some of the features of Ducati gate opener that will be listed now:

It has infrared sensor install on the wall to prevent gate from closing while vehicle is in the way

Ducati sliding gate opener has infrared sensor located on the wall to prevent gate from closing while the vehicle  or passerby is in the way.

.It come with two years warranty

It has spare part

It is manufacture in Italy.

It comply with European safety norms.


So, if you need one, do contact Bluescripts Home Automation.


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