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How to Determine if a Solar Powered Remote Gate Opener is Right for You

Remote Control Gate In Nigeria | Abuja | Lagos | Port Harcourt

1. Do you have 8 hours of unobstructed daylight each day? Solar powered Remote gate openers require sunlight. Lots of sunlight. In fact, you’ll need at least 8 hours of unobstructed sunlight each day so the gate opener can collect enough energy to function. If your home and your electric gate are surrounded by a lot of trees, you may not have enough sunlight. If that’s the case, you likely won’t be able to install a solar powered gate opener.

2. How many times will you need to open and close the security gate each day? Solar powered gate openers typically have enough energy to open and close the security gate 8-10 times each day. This may not be a problem for many residential security gates. But if you need to open and close the gate frequently, you may need to look for a different gate opener solution.

3. Are you prepared for the extra maintenance costs associated with a solar powered gate opener? If you install a solar powered gate opener, you become your own little power company. This means that you are now responsible for maintaining the photovoltaic (PV) panels that generate the electricity. You’ll also need to keep the shrubs and trees near the PV panels cut back so they do not block the sunlight.

If you are interested in solar powered remote gate openers for either Swing or Sliding Gates, we strongly recommend working with a knowledgeable gate opener installer that can help you navigate the process. This will ensure that you maximize the benefits of a solar powered gate opener while avoiding the pitfalls.

Need Help With a Solar Powered Remote Gate Opener?

Bluescripts Home Automation helped many homeowners install and maintain solar powered gate openers for their residential security gates. If you are interested in a solar powered Remote gate opener, give us a call on 08156774029 or 07033702391 to request for a free consultation. We’ll be glad to talk with you and help you with your solar powered automatic remote gate opener project.

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