Slide 743 -Gate Motor

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SLIDE 743 SOLAR  powerful solar-powered 12V sliding gate opener featuring SOFT STOP

Ideal for medium-duty residential gates up to 700kg

4m rack are included, additional rack can be added as an optional accessory in case of gate longer of 4m.

Ensures long-lasting performances in all weather conditions.

Operate your gate powered by a photovoltaic solar panel for 100% autonomous use

  • Ideal for residential gates up to 700kg weight
  • The perfect solar powered gate opener. All included operating your gate in 100% energy independence.
  • The ideal gate operator where AC power is unavailable

Highly reliable as featured with Ducati’s low consumption: with only 7mA (0,007A) stand-by consumption ensures long-lasting performances in all weather conditions. Ideal for residential use. Up to 50 cycles daily guaranteed. No additional modules require: it’s all included: onboard solar panel & battery recharge management!



  • 1x SLIDE 743MC12V DC motor case , electronic board CTH44V/12V featuring double speed, soft stop & on board radio receiver ( rolling coded)
  • 1 x CMBATbattery charger & solar panel power supply management electronic board
  • 2 x Magnetic limits
  • 1 x 12V 10W solar panel 
  • 1 x 7A 12Vbattery
  • 4m x 8612Hostaform rack ( 8 x 50cm)
  • 1 pair of keys for manual unlocking
  • 1 x SW5000key switch
  • 2 x 6203Rx DUCATI rolling coded remote controls
  • 1 x FLASH 7500blinker




  • The opener stops in both directions decreasing the speed and avoiding unwished banging closing.
  • This prevents from usury and ensure a long life to your opener and door.
  • This function prevents the door banging closing

DUCO SAFE technology

Safety is ensured by a sensitive amperometric obstacle detection system and pressure control. Photocells ( safety beans) are no longer mandatory. Photocells are an optional accessory that can be added to prevent scratches to the painting of vehicles crossing while the gate is closing. In compliance with EN norms EN13241-1: 2003 + A1 ( April 2011 ) EN12453 : 2002 EN12445 : 200