Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener developed by Ducati is an internationally patented system ideal to operate sectional or overhead doors where the main AC power supply is unavailable.

High performance and reliability. Lifting force up to 70Kg.

This operator is ideal for sectional or overhead spring balanced /with counterweigh balanced* doors.


Counterweighted balances overhead doors also need the optional accessory # 992012 to be added to the garage door opener package.

This solar-powered garage door opener is also Ideal to reduce energy costs in the bill (garage door openers drawn power 24h/day) but also as a responsible choice to ensure the energy consumption containment using a renewable source of energy within everyone’s reach.

Choosing a solar-powered opener gives you the pride of having environmental awareness and respect for the planet to be preserved for future generations.The reduced energy consumption system developed by DUCATI guarantees high efficiency and autonomy over time. Even in non-optimal lighting conditions, 10 opening cycles per day are always guaranteed, keeping the battery always charged.

For frequent use or where the lighting conditions are not ideal,  a second solar panel can be added to ensure longer operating autonomy and faster battery recharging.This product package includes all the fundamental components necessary to motorize the door, it is very simple to install and does not require specific skills.

In compliance with European anti-pressure safety regulations, it offers an advanced safety obstacle detection system which, in case of contact, reverses the movement.

This garage door opener holds 1 international patent!

DUCATI’s in-house made dc Motors are designed to ensure proven reliability. This efficient 12V motorgear with it’s HostaformĀ® main gear Module 1,25 ensures High traction force, double electrical insulation, and electrical limit switches. Entirely produced within the DUCATI factory.
At least 10 openings/day guaranteed even in non-optimal lighting conditions
The reduced energy consumption (only 0.007A in stand-by) guarantees long-lasting autonomy.


1 x 12V motor gear head with 1.25 module and electric limit switches + patented data transmission system
1 x wall mounting control box with CTH44G electronic board
connection cable between motorhead and control box
2 x 6203Roll 2-channel Ducati rolling code remote controls
1 x12V 7A battery
1 x12V 10W solar panel
1 x battery charger
1 x U-rail with 2.7m belt drive. Pre-assembled mounting accessories
chain or belt drive system (select the desired product variant)
emergency manual release system that can be operated from inside and outside

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