Price of For Automatic Gate System In Nigeria

Price of For Automatic Gate System In Nigeria


Price of For Automatic Gate System In Nigeria

Getting a good gate opener is not all that easy as the market is flooded with substandard products from Asia countries. However, with all that is said about automatic gate opener, you can still be rest assured that there is a company in Italy that partnered with Nigeria company called Bluescripts Home Automation, they are in charge of distribution of remote control gate that uses solar. One of the best difference between their products and others is that, their gate opener is powered by the sun while their counterpart gate opener is powered by electricity…Apart from this, Ducati remote control gate opener is lesser in terms of purchasing cost to others that are sold in the market. Comparing their price, Ducati sliding gate opener that can power 400kg cost around #270,000 with full solar accessories while their counterpart slider of same specification and without solar accessories cost #300,000.

Ducati gate opener has what it take to automate your home with full automating gate with 100% solar autonomous.The gate opener is manufactured in Italy with 2 years warranty for automatic gate opener bought from Bluescripts Home Automation

Checking the value of Ducati gate opener, its valued at #500,000 but you get this at the rate of #250,000.

Here is the cost of other automated gate opener from Ducati Home

Slide 843-Call


Slide 1043-Call

Swing for 5M-500kg-Call

Swing- 11.4ft-Call

Swing -8.5ft- Call

While planning for your next home, consider gate automation as part of the first thing on your properties.

Bluescripts group services cover gate automation, home automation, agriculture,logistics,real estate and computer education.You can see that we have all it take to assist you interms of  professional services

General public can enjoy this price reduction for few weeks before the price goes back to its original valued price.


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