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Nigeria-Ducati Gate Control System-There are various types of automatic gate openers for people who are interested in automating their gates. The reason for having different types of gate openers is because there are different types of gates which will also require different types of motor to automate it. You has to be careful to choose the right gate opener for the right gate that is why you need to invest in a good automatic gate installer. Next post, I’ll write about how to choose the best automatic gate installer.

Here in this post, I’ll talk about the types of gate openers available and the appropriate gates for them.

1. Underground motor.
This is one of the popular automatic gate openers we have around. Many people prefer this type because it is not visible so it doesn’t tamper with the look of the gate and as the name implies, it is installed just beneath the gate. It requires a more complex installation which ultimately leads to a higher price for the opener.

2. Linear Ram.

This is easily the most common type of gate openers for swing gates. It’s mostly popular because it is highly affordable, the installation process is quite simple as well. The strength of the motor can also be increased to accommodate larger gate size.

3. Sliding.

When choosing a sliding motor opener, you need to think amount the motor’s power. The bigger the gate the more power is needed on the motor to ensure it opens at the necessary distance, with heavier weight putting more strain on the opener.

4. Solar
Solar gate opener happens to be the choice of the people right now and the reason is not far fetched. It operates solely on Sunlight and does not need electricity to operate. It can operate with any type of gate at a considerable distance.

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