Industrial Sliding Gate Opener 700Kg 800Kg

Industrial Sliding Gate Opener 700Kg 800Kg


Industrial Sliding Gate Opener 700Kg 800Kg
Do you want your industry to be outstanding and unique?
As a business owner, do you want your industry to be sophisticated?Getting answer to this require you to have Industrial Sliding Gate Opener 700Kg 800Kg
Then, Bluescripts home automation in partnership with Ducati home automation
located in Italy is here for you.Ducati home automation is one of the best companies that produce gate openers in
Nigeria. We have the swing gate opener and the sliding gate opener.
Ducati best automatic gate opener has an integrated battery charger and a solar
panel management. It is compatible with 12V7A back up battery to ensure
autonomous working in case of power failure.

Remote control gate

This sliding gate opener is ideal for a safe, quick and easy installation. This remote
control gate is electrocution risk-free and it consumes low technology. It also
reduces waste of energy and makes you save money for electric bills.
With this automatic gate opener, you can be rest assured that with or without
electricity, you can enter the comfort of your homes. Salaries of gatemen will be
saved for something else.

Amazingly, Ducati slider comes in different version interns of weight of the gate.I will talk extensively on gate opener that can power gate above 400kg.400kg gate is ideally for countries that has less crime rate…this type of country build short fence or short gate of height 2.0m  and length less than 14ft. Getting good gate in Nigeria while considering materials to be used for the gate, it is extremely difficult to design a gate that is less than 600kg,average gate in Nigeria weight above 400kg, with this, such a gate need to be configure with 700kg and if thw gate weight above 500kg, ideal slider to use is 800kg.

In average, Nigeria homes use 400kg,700kg,800kg Ducati sliding machine on their gate while 1000kg gate weight is used by industries that use big gate constructed with heavy materials.
To get this amazing automatic gate,  is there to give you expert advice on swing gate opener, automatic gate opener, remote control gate, motorized gate..these are key opener names used by Nigerians.

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