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How do I Choose Good Sliding Gate Opener?


How do I choose a good gate opener?

There are factors to be considered when choosing automatic gate opener.

1 You have to be sure of its durability

2.Country of manufacture

3 Power support

4. Warranty

You can see that, there are lot of gate opener sold in Nigeria that doesn’t meet up with above standard. Some gate opener used in Lagos and Abuja and other part of Nigeria doesn’t come with warranty.Having gotten this fact, you also have to research from Gate Opener distributor in Lagos and Gate Opener in Lagos to seek their view on gate opener bought by their homeowner.

You can choose a good gate opener by simply getting in touch with Bluescripts home automation. Bluescripts home automation deals with the best gate opener in Nigeria. What are the benefits of getting your gate opener from Bluescripts home automation :

2 year warranty
Affordable/ durable and reliable
Environmental friendly
Good manufacturer
Saves time and money
Comes with solar panel
To expatiate more on manufacturer, Bluescripts get their products from Ducati home automation based in Italy. Bluescripts is the only home automation that gets this product in Nigeria. So you see, you can be rest assured that you will get a very good gate opener.

Ducati sliding gate opener is one of the best gate op Ducati best automatic gate opener has an integrated battery charger and a solar panel management. It is compatible with 12V7A back up battery to ensure autonomous working in case of power failure.

This sliding gate opener is ideal for a safe, quick and easy installation. This remote control gate is electrocution risk-free and it consumes low technology. It also reduces waste of energy and makes you save money for electric bills.

You can get all type of gate openers listed below here in Nigeria at Bluescripts Home Automation:

Sliding gate opener 400kg

Sliding gate opener 700kg

Sliding gate opener 800kg

Sliding gate opener 1000kg

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