FAQs For Automatic Gate Opener

FAQs For Automatic Gate Opener

FAQs For Automatic Gate Opener

What is a solar gate opener?     

A solar gate opener is a machine power by the sun that automatically opens and closes your gate using remote control or smartphone.

Can the gate opener be fitted to my existing gates?

Yes. Our gate opener is supplied with universal mounting brackets and will fit most types of gates & either round or square hinge posts including, garage door, driveway gates, industrial gates, agricultural and farm gates.  However, in some cases, extension brackets may be required depending on where the hinges are mounted onto the post – please contact us for information.

What happens if I am not with my smartphone or remote control to open my gates?

If you are without your smartphone or remote control to open your gate, the gate opener is manufactured with an override button housed in the control box, if you press the button, this will command the gate to open or close.

Will a solar gate opener work at night?

Yes, the solar-powered gate operators sold by Bluescripts Home Automation will work at night. Our design incorporates a powerful 12v, 9AH battery which is charged during the day thanks to the solar panel included in the Kit.

With a fully charged battery, it will work up to 10 days at 10 cycles per day without any solar charge.

How many-year warranties will I get?

2 years warranty.

How do I repair the gate opener machine when it gets spoilt?

Bluescripts home automation will take care of that.

How will the gate open when visitors want to come in?

It has to be controlled or opened by the homeowner with a remote control before any visitor can come in.

 With the solar gate opener will the pedestrian gate open automatically?


What payment plan option is available?

Pay on Delivery

Pay before Delivery

Installment payment  (T &C Applies)

Solar Products FAQ

How should I select the right size solar inverter?

First, add up the power ratings of all the appliances, and then buy the next larger solar inverter!

Can the solar AC also work with electricity?

Yes it is AC/DC

How do I know if solar panels will work on my home?

Take a look at the position of your home on its lot – and particularly your roof. Ask the following questions:

  1. Is there good southern exposure? Orienting solar panels to the south maximizes the effectiveness of energy collection.
  2. Is the exposure free of trees or buildings that could shade the panels or drop debris on them? Shading photovoltaic panels dramatically reduce their effectiveness.
  3. What is the pitch of your roof? Most roofs, from flat to 60-degrees can accommodate photovoltaic panels.
How much money can I expect to save on my electricity bills with a solar power system?

How much you save will depend on lots of things, like the size of your system, which way your roof faces, and how you use energy in your home. As an example, you could reduce your electricity bills by 70%.

Does the product have a warranty?

Yes, all our solar products come with 2 years warranty as standard. The solar panels have 25 years and up to 10 years for the batteries.

What payment plan option is available?

Pay on Delivery

Pay before Delivery

Installment payment

How does electricity get stored for use after the sun goes down?

Generally, grid connect solar power systems direct excess electricity produced during the day back into the local electricity grid; so there is no on-site storage as such. You then receive credit for any power that you put back into the grid. At night time, you automatically use electricity straight from the grid. Off-grid systems store energy produced during the day in deep cycle batteries for use as required.

Will I need to re-roof my house?

In most situations, the PV panels can be easily removed and reinstalled, with minimal, if any, changes to your roof.

What is the cost of solar power?

To determine to price for a system, use our online Shop mart, It will ask you a series of questions and then calculate a system to suit your needs; along with pricing.

Can the solar installations damage my roof or cause roof leaks?

When installed correctly, solar installations will not damage your roof or cause leaks. Furthermore, the solar panels will actually help to protect your roofing from the weather.

Home Automation/Smart Home

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a home outfitted with devices that can be controlled over an internet connection on one’s desktop, tablet, or smartphone. These connected devices can be appliances, lights, security systemscameras, audio and video systems, televisions e.t.c

Can I upgrade an existing or older home with smart home technology?

Yes, you can automate your existing home or property

How will a home automation system improve my life?

With a home automation system, you’ll never have to rush home from work to turn off the lights, connect the water, or turn off the heat. You’ll never have to wonder if you left devices turned on, and you won’t have to fret about intruders while you’re away on vacation. With a home automation system, you’ll have your finger on your home’s pulse, wherever you are. Whether you’re across the world or just across town, smart home technology makes it easy – even intuitive – to keep an eye on the comings and goings of your home

What are the simplest home devices to automate without breaking the bank?

Most people start their smart home by automating lights, thermostats, TVs and music. The next step may be to automate the security system, including door locks and security cameras.

Where should I purchase or upgrade my home automation system?

Bluescripts Home Automation is the right place to go, you’ll be able to ask questions, interact with the technology, and make sure it’s right for you before you buy. Detailed product descriptions and photos, as well as a wealth of consumer reviews, will make it easy for you to select a home automation system that works for you and your family or staff.

How much does a home automation system cost?

This is incredibly difficult to answer! Each project is bespoke and every client is different. Our usual process is to get a brief from the client and plans of the home; we can then work out an initial approach (with costs) which we can then run through with the client. It’s important to note that the cost of a system can vary by as much as 50% simply due to the quality of speaker systems, number of lighting channels etc – this gives us huge amounts of flexibility to meet a client’s budget requirements.