Electric Gate-Sliding And Swing Gate

Electric Gate-Sliding And Swing Gate


Electric Gate-Sliding And Swing Gate

Electric Gate-Sliding And Swing Gate-If you are talking of countries with best technology in different kinds of gates in the world, talk of Italy. If you are talking of best producer of gates in Italy, also talk of Ducati Home Italy.  What makes Ducati Home gate unique and a must to have for every home, offices etc.? It makes use of Sun as its major power source i.e. Solar Power, with low consumption of the solar power.

So having little or no electricity supply is not a barrier to utilizing Ducati Solar Gate Opener and thereby increasing savings that ought to go for the electricity power supply. Making use of this gate, gives your home maximum security against theft and unwanted visitors since moving close or pushing the gate with your hand is totally not involved, this can be get done with just a press on a button on your hand (remote control) from even few distance away from the gate i.e. you can be inside your bedroom and open your gate outside even with this, it will safe you that energy of opening and closing your gate. It also adds more value to such a home where it’s been installed.

As there are different types of gates, so also there are different types of Ducati Solar Gate Opener to fit in any types of gates consumer maybe using. Majorly, there are three types Ducati Solar Gate Opener they are; Solar Sliding Gate Opener, Solar Swing Gate opener and Solar Garage Gate Opener.

For the Solar Sliding gate Opener, there are



1000kg capacity i.e. depending on the weight and length of the gate.

For the Solar Swing Gate Opener there

HC 812 300,

HC 812 400,

HC 812 600,


All of these gate opener can be easily installed and have self-lock technology. So far, No other Gate Opener has been able to meet up with Ducati Solar Gate Opener but they all take a bow.



SLIDE 446, SLIDE 843, SWING GATE, HC 812 300,

HC 812 400, HC 812 600, SW7000T-


Free solar Panel,Free two remote control, Free Battery, Free Manual lock,Free Delivery,

2years warranty



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