Ducati Gate Opener | Slider And Swing Gate Opener

Ducati Gate Opener | Slider And Swing Gate Opener and garage door opener are the products to cover in this write up.Gate opener come in different version i.e swing,sliding,garage,window etc.
Ducati sliding gate opener (Slide 646/446) is made in Italy. It is a 12V sliding gate opener. It is ideal to
automate a sliding gate up to 400kg gate weight. 4m rack are included, additional rack ( RACK 8612) can
be added as optional accessory in case of gate longer than 4m.
Ducati Gate Opener | Slider And Swing Gate OpenerSliding gate opener is ideal for heavy duty either residential or commercial gates up to 1000kg powerful
500W sliding gate opener in beautiful stainless steel motor case with integrated electronic board, and
integrated compartments for extra optional batteries ( up to 2 x 12V 12A batteries can be stored inside
the motor case).
It ensures long performances in all weather conditions. Its magnetic limit ensure a precise start and stop
position. It also has integrated battery charger and solar panel management. It is compatible with 12V7A
back up battery to ensure autonomous working in case of power failure. It also includes an emergency
manual release by key.
It stops by reaching the magnetic limits and it is also ideal for a safe, quick and easy installation. The
system is electrocution risk-free and it consumes low technology. It also reduces waste of energy and
make you save money for electric bills.
Ducati solar swing gate
Ducati solar swing gate Opener is ideal for light. It is a single wing swing gate up to 2m/6,5ft. It features
an obstacle detection safety system which guarantees maximal safety of use to your family. It is Made
in Italy.

For those who desire a very uncomplicated gate opener, easy to be installed and low
consumption of electricity, Ducati Gate Opener | Slider And Swing Gate Opener is the best choice.
Ducati Gate Opener  Slider And Swing Gate Remote Control Gate are the best type of gate opener available in the market.
Ducati Gate Opener  Slider And Swing Gate Opener is ideal for any garage door either sectional door; spring balanced door
or counter weighted door.
It provides energy for efficient performance year after year. This package contains manual unlocking
system from inside/ outside the garage. You can either make use of belt driven or chain driven, at your
choice. All you just have to do is select the desired variant Durable or Rugged. Industrial strength chain
drive garage door openers are perfect for any garage in any climate. Belt driven version provides you all
the power combined with extra quiet operations. It also combines a strong pulling force with a steel
reinforced belt to lift heavy doors and reinforced doors in high wind areas while delivering power in
ultra-quiet performance.

Check our project here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fyoQR9ICeg

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