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Ducati Gate Opener | Gate Motor | Made In Italy

A gate opener is a handy equipment to open and close your gate effortlessly. The best part is that you do not have to spend any money on them, apart from the initial cost. It basically runs by itself using solar power.
Before purchasing a gate opener, the first thing you have to check is the weight of your gate.  Gate openers come with different load capacities. If you have lightweight or medium weight gates, a low load-capacity gate opener is enough. For heavyweight gates, you need a high load-capacity gate opener.
Apart from this, also consider the durability of the solar gate opener. As they are outdoor devices, they have to withstand harsh weather conditions.
Below are the primary features you need to check while hunting for the perfect solar gate opener
A) Load Capacity/Weight Rating
The load capacity of a solar gate opener is the measure of the weight it can handle. It is always safe to go with a solar gate opener that has a high load capacity.
You can find this information on the product description page. It will be mentioned as load capacity or weight rating.
B) Installation
The installation of solar gate openers is generally easy and simple. For most gate openers, you can do the installation yourself. Only in the case of some solar gate openers, you need professional assistance.
C) Warranty
The warranty period of solar gate openers varies widely. While most brands offer a 12-month warranty, certain brands offer a limited lifetime warranty. As mentioned already, they are outdoor devices. So, warranty becomes very important
These are the features you have to consider to meet your primary need of opening/closing the gate it is convenient and provide value for your money.

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