How Much Is Electric Gate?

Can You Make Electric Gate Solar Powered?

We offer a wide range of  solar gate systems for above ground and underground use.  All these systems can be battery powered, and the battery charged via a solar panel. Simply add the required solar pack (The same voltage) with any of our low voltage electric gate kit solutions. For extra efficiency we would always recommend using the brush-less automation kits as they require a fraction of the energy. Thus making them perfect for solar.
Gate opener comes in varieties i.e swing gate opener,sliding gate opener which comprises of gate opener for 700kg or domestic gate  gate, gate remote control gate for 800kg, motorized sliding gate for 1000kg, sliding gate for 1500kg and industrial sliding gate opener and we have garage door, underground swing gate opener, one wing swing gate etc.
Most of gate opener designed by major old technology is powered by electricity but when developed countries that has Africa/Nigeria interest in mind see what Nigeria is going through interns power..they gave us alternative power to automatic  gate of  which Ducati home automation is the first to do that.
Why Solar Power?
A solar powered gate opener is completely self-sufficient and can work miles away from the nearest mains power moreover solar is a clean, emissions-free, and renewable energy source  If your mains power is above 75 metres away there is a significant saving compared to the groundwork and the cost of armored cable.
You save a lot  when you use solar powered gate,one it saves you cost on electricity and cost on gate man you use to safeguard  your real estate .
If  you really value your home,your investment in your property, your safety at home, you need tohave all segment of your house automated be it gate, blind, entertainment,etc.
With the help of gate automation, you save a lot on energy

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